Dynamic Funds has made a commitment to keeping your confidential information as safe as possible. We take security very seriously, and have put in place various safeguards to protect the security and integrity of our customers' information.

How Is Security Achieved?
Access to our services, financial systems, and databases is strictly managed. Technological and procedural systems are in place to ensure the integrity of our systems. This includes physically securing all of our computer hardware and telecommunications systems.

Secure firewalls help prevent unauthorized access to our internal systems, and constant monitoring maintains the quality of our systems, proactively identifies unusual activity and provides around-the-clock peace of mind.

Dynamic Funds uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to encrypt and protect your personal information as it crosses the Internet.

What is encryption and how does it work?
In cryptography, encryption is the process of transforming information to make it unreadable to anyone. In the case of this website, data is sent by your web browser through an encrypted channel to our secure website where the data is safely received.

Encryption strength is often measured in the number of bits used for the encryption key. To safeguard your personal and financial information, we use one of the strongest encryption available - referred to as 128–bit SSL encryption. The use of 128-bit encryption is standard when conducting investment and banking transactions over the Internet. The lock icon in your web browser (bottom of your screen) indicates that your data is fully shielded from access while in transit.

You can rest assured that this secure environment keeps you and your clients' sensitive information private and confidential.